About Fairview MX

If you are serious about motocross, Fairview MX is the premier facility designed just for you, the serious rider. If you have dreams of taking it to the next level, we will help you get there. With our 30,000 square foot facility based in Brimfield MA, there is something for every rider that has aspirations for upping their game.

Krys O’Connor founded Fairview MX after pursuing her son’s needs for his bike and training. She had difficulty finding the resources locally that would provide mechanical needs of her son’s bike. Like lots of young riders, Ross has dreams and aspirations of racing supercross one day. The resources available locally were not enough to provide the tools he needed to pursue this dream. The local practice tracks are great and gives him time to ride with other people but, often the tracks become very busy and the motos have to be broken down to accommodate. Sometimes her son needs a quieter environment or an environment with just a few riders to work on specific drills.

She decided there was a need to provide a performance shop and facility for other motocross enthusiasts like her and her son. A shop that can provide all your mechanical needs at one location and get you back in the seat in a timely manner. A facility that could provide structured training locally to help riders like her son take it to the next level.

What Krys also knew is the right suspension was a huge factor in Motocross. Having the proper suspension adjusted exactly to individual, can make all the difference in the world for the competitive rider. She found little support for the individual rider that needed the delicate tuning of their suspension. She encountered even more difficulty finding a professional that performed on site testing. She is setting out to change that with Fairview MX.

Fairview MX hosts a performance shop that is your go to place for dirt bike repairs, suspension services, regular maintance and any customizations. You will also find a parts and accessories shop that stocks all types of items including fuel, stock and custom wheel sets, gear and much more. If you are looking to get your bike dialed in, Fairview MX is the place to get it done.

Our training facilities consist of a practice, corner and supercross tracks. We also offer an onsite gym, training, boot camps, fitness and mental coaching.

For those looking for long-term dirt bike training, we offer various accommodations for your stay such as 12x12 personal garages and locations to park recreational vehicles.

Ready for a serious Motocross experience surrounded by professionals in the industry? Then you are ready for Fairview MX.