Motocross riding bootcamps

Fairview MX will be hosting motocross boot camps organized by AJ Catanzaro at various times of the year. We are proud to be able to work with AJ Catanzaro Moto-X-Academy. Click the button for more information, upcoming dates or to see where Aj is next.

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We cover everything you need to take your motocross skills to the next level. That includes riding smart and safe. Riding fast is great but being safe is equally important and that's why we focus a tremendous amount of time on proper technique.

Aj will spend some time on body position and how to best control the bike with various techniques. Also covered extensively in our boot camps are jumping, cornering and braking starts. You'll be run through a series of drills including stand up drills, one handed and balance drills to increase your riding skills. And you'll have plenty of time for free rides on our tracks at the end of the day.

Our bootcamps are designed to challenge you while guiding you to the next level.